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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Veterans Funeral Care ?

Veterans Funeral Care is provided by Jansen Family Funeral Home, a family owned funeral home licensed in the state of Michigan to provide funeral care and merchandise to the public. Through Veterans Funeral Care we provide outstanding service and knowledge to veterans and their family.

What is the "Worry Free Cremation™" Process ?

The "Worry Free Cremation™"  Process is an exclusive license to our funeral. It consists of high standards when performing cremation services to make sure all applicable laws are adhered too, providing family a little piece of mind they deserve when dealing with the death of a loved one. There are currently only 2 licensed funeral homes in the state of Michigan that have the “Worry Free Cremation™" Process.

Do we have our own crematory ?

The state of Michigan prohibits a funeral home from owning & operating a cemetery or crematory. Thus, it also prohibits a cemetery or crematory from owning & operating a funeral home. Currently we believe this is a wonderful check and balance system, providing the families we serve accountability on both ends of the process.

Where is the crematory we use ?

The crematory we currently use is Sunset Hills Association in Flint Township off Flushing Road. Sunset Hills Association maintains two cemeteries and a crematory with two cremation chambers. There is equipment is of the highest quality, and always properly maintained. There staff is competent in all areas of the cremation process.

Sunset Hills Association is open for inspection for any family we serve, and they also provide a family
waiting area for those desiring to witness the cremation process and receive there cremains the same day.|

Are multiple bodies cremated at one time ?

No, State law prohibits multiple bodies being cremated at once.
Thus, only 1 human remain is processed at a time in one cremation chamber.

Is the crematory you use a pet cremation provider too ?

No, State law prohibits a human cremation provider from commingling there services with animals.
Thus, only human remains are cremated at Sunset Hills Association.

Does Veterans Funeral Care offer preplanning ?

Yes, Through Jansen Family Funeral Home we are licensed in the state of Michigan to provide pre-need services and a family may choose to prepay there services. All Pre-paid services are price guaranteed, thus no family is ever required to pay additional funds at the time of death for items covered on a contract.

Are there payment plans available for those desiring to pre-pay on a budget ?

Yes, we are generally able to provide payment plans for those wanting to pre-plan and pre-pay for as
little as $25.00 a month. ( Simple Cremation Package )


How does Veterans Funeral Care work ?

It is our goal to help a veteran and surviving spouse utilize there full benefits from the government for there service to our grateful nation.  We highly recommend your nearest National Cemetery for interment, through this utilization - families can save anywhere from $2000-$6000.


We own cemetery property in a private cemetery - can we still use Veterans Funeral Care ?

Yes, we able to provide the same dignified service to families desiring burial in a private cemetery.
We also have suggested choices for outerburial containers for families to select to meet cemetery requirements.


Does Veterans Funeral Care do presentations ?

Yes, we are honored to have the ability to speak to any crowd about our services. 
Please contact us for information and to schedule a presentation.


We don't have a church or hall in mind to use  - Can you help us find a place ?

Yes, we will gather some information from you about where you wish to hold the services and find a church or hall meeting our needs - often at no additional charge. 


We don't have a minister - Can you help us find one  ?

Yes, we have the ability to locate minister for your service, usually within the same religious background of the family or deceased.